New collaboration with Petr Pavelec, personal trainer in Geneve

Care4you is glad to announce its collaboration with Petr Pavelec, a personal trainer who works in Geneva.
Here is his profile:

petr pav.jpg

My name is Petr Pavelec, I come originally from the Czech Republic and I have spent last 14 years of my life in London. I have just moved to Geneva in the second half of 2017 to live there. I have a big passion for sports in general. I have been occupied with number of sports throughout my entire life. This means that my focus in terms of complexity of training style is not narrow and is not limited to a particular one sport.

During my college years I actively competed mainly in these three sports – Volleyball for 8 years, Olympic Lifting for 4 years and Chess for about 8 years. Apart from few minor athletic events such as sprints and shot puts, these three sports were my main focus.

After I moved to London in 2004, I have completed the Diploma in Personal Training, Sports Massage and soft tissue injury rehabilitation with Premier Training International – it was the hardest study I’ve done in my life with 3 months intensive study (Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm) plus hundreds of hours of homework. Here I am pointing out my determination to be the best.

After the initial compulsory 6 months as a gym instructor I opened my private business as a personal trainer and by now I completed over 10 years of training people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

From pensioners looking after their health and flexibility, mid age ladies losing weight and toning up post-birth, young men who wanted to seriously compete in sports like bodybuilding, running, tennis and others all the way to high profile people in law, business, politics and health care to mention but a few. I also had few clients who made me extra proud, such as a private advisor to the British Prime Minister.

I should mention I have a good experience of taking care of top-end client where I was required to travel to Europe, USA and Australia for several months. Quite hard to do but also very rewarding having travelled the world and got paid for it.

Finally, as a peak of my career I have opened a massive gym with an onsite restaurant in London in 2015, together with my wife. It is one of a kind – we look after the sports people A to Z including cooking and delivering meals, running variety of classes from yoga and boxing through kung fu and dance to spinning.

Within the first year we practically became nationally recognised and even made it to the newspaper couple of times.

As part of my education experience, I have spent throughout several last years training alongside world renowned ex 6x Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates. Training with him, including learning his knowledge in dieting improved my own overall expertise when it comes to designing a diet or toning.

petr pav2.jpg

Apart from winning the British Title in bodybuilding in 2011 and competing in 2012-2015, I am now a member of Martial Arts Academy in Geneva where I am expanding my knowledge in the world of fitness, stamina, flexibility and agility. The MMA academy allows me to train alongside international competitors with massive knowledge in various fields, namely flexibility and endurance.


If you wish to have an appointment with this CY trainer, please contact us:

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